El Classic, a classic of Spanish football

In 1988 the club made the hall to Madrid, and in 1991 the situation was reversed.
This tradition was established in Spanish football in 1970.

El Classic and hallway . There is talk of something else before the Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​which takes place tonight at the Bernabeu. It seems that there is nothing else. However, this will not be the night the first El Classic protagonists both teams , who have already applauded each other twice: in 1988 and in 1991 .

20 years ago, on May 1, 1988, occurred the last hall of Barcelona to Real Madrid . Just a day after proclaiming champions, Real Madrid visited the Camp Nou. That day, things football, Barca wore Bernd Schuster and counted the days to sign for the white team. Now, I live off the bench at the Bernabeu, savoring his first title as a coach. Curisoamente, Schuster did secretly , crouching in the swarm of photographers who wanted to capture the moment.

As Barca player, Schuster made the hall to Madrid in 1988, but in secret
Three years later the situation was reversed : Real Madrid had to give the hall to Barcelona . Barca had won the title two days earlier. The white players met the protocol honor the champions, but the Bernabeu received the Catalans with a sonic blast .
The difference with the previous corridors is that tonight will be the first to be done in hostile field . The tradition of the El Classic is relatively recent in Spanish football: according to the chronicles, the first one was in Spain was in 1970 . That year Atletico Madrid won the league on the last day and then, when crossed with Athletic Bilbao in the Copa, the Basque box made ​​the hallway.

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