Guardiola: “The Cup gives meaning to the four titles, we have a good year”

Barcelona soccer coach Guardiola speaks to reporters during a news conference at Parken stadium in Copenhagen

Guardiola arrived at the press conference happy for a job well done: “The Cup gives meaning to the four titles won this season. We have done a very good year.”

The technician analyzed the key to the game: “We have made very good 35 minutes. In the second part, we dropped a little and Athletic has generated dangerous chances.”

Again reiterated the reasons for his farewell: “The rationale for not following was fatigue. Important thing for the future is that these players can follow. The base is made. In four years we have more than three half-titles. There also to be congratulated predecessors. Hopefully have left a little way done to come. ”

A shared success: “Over time, people will say that these were good football players. We had won everything and this year we won 4 titles. Earn 14 titles in four years is a mark very hard to match.”

The story of a journalist who starred asked about a possible bid for the Brazilian: Where will I live? If Rio de Janeiro, I think, “Guardiola said laughing.

Again praise Messi: “From him I learned to be more competitive. Would have been impossible without him win 14 titles, 19. Impossible”.

Guardiola reminded his predecessors: “The process of how we played did not start with me. Simply, everyone puts their ideas. I’m proud to have continued an idea, a process that began long ago.”

And praised Athletic: “Never give up. Want to congratulate you for the great season they’ve done, how they have played. This year we have left many things to learn. Among the most amazing things we’ve seen this year have been parties Athletic.’ve always been an absolute fan club. Bielsa wish to continue in Spanish football. When someone loses a final and asked him to stay is that it has left a residue. ”

And speaking of their relationship ended with Tito: “These days, I’ve been fine. Was not clear how to handle certain nuances. With Tito, have taken many turns to how we could neutralize the Athletic.’s Talk was purely explanatory”.

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